The movie

Riders in the sky

The movie

This movie describe life of wellington crew, three Czechoslovaks, one Canadian, two British. You can see sorties and peaceful time in families, during hunting and in pubs. The plane of this crew is attacked by German fighter pilot and Air Gunny is injured, this plane is heavily damaged. Crew bailed out, Student can´t do it, that he stayed in plane during its belly landing. This plane exploded after it and he is injured by flames. After his recovery he went back to his crew. But unfortunately this crew is incomplete, because Wireless Operator went KIA during training flight.
Theirs last target is the submarine. Theirs plane is shot down by guard of this boat. Only two survivors are after belly landing into water of sea. This survivor bailed out from German fighter. He is young German fighter pilot. Titch died and the dighy flown on waves.

This description is very short. If you don´t believe with help of this text, that this movie is our best, do one thing – buy a DVD and watch this movie.

Riders in the sky

Aviation movie without planes

You could be surprised, that this movie was made without planes. All planes in the movie are models or parts of documentaries and the movie Target for tonight.

The biggest/main prop in this movie is large scale model – Wellington built on plane Li-2. This movie was shot in 1960´. Some authors of this movie said, that it is first movie honour to Czechoslovak airmen.

That´s reason, why it is the best movie with this topic. Other reason is, that this movie was shot with help of ex RAF and WAAF staff.

Movie makers

Podívejte se, kdo všechno se na filmu podílel


Navštivte místa, kde se točili Nebeští jezdci


Jaké rekvizity byly při natáčení použity?

Riders in the sky – movie timeline

33th Sortie

The movie has started after comeback from 33rd sortie. Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron is served in the Coastal Command.

34th Sortie

Dancing Hall
Charrington´s. Visit of a city was day before 2nd October, where was sortie over Wassermünde.

35th Sortie

27th October 1942, the target was Norimberk. It was 35th sortie.
Student, Sergeant Malý was in hospital and in the recovery centre till Spring 1943.

The last Sortie

Last sortie was done on 2nd June 1943.


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Váš dar nám umožní realizovat tyto akce nebo prezentovat vybavení našich letců a příslušnic WAAF.

V roce 2018 oslavíme 100. výročí Československa. My ale, díky vašemu příspěvku, budeme připomínat i 100. výročí československého letectva a RAF. Odhalíme památník letcům RAF z plzeňského Karlova. Připomeneme válečné zajatce, účastníky tzv. Velkého útěku ze zajateckého tábora v Saganu. V Duxfordu, základně, kde vznikla 310. a 312. československá stíhací peruť si připomeneme všechna tato výročí a naše letce. Uspořádáme výstavy s tematikou RAF a WAAF.

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